The globalization process has forced the countries economically, politically and sociologically to face with three basic phenomenon; “integration”, “micro nationality” and “unpredictability”. All of these phenomenon have forced the traditional forms of international relations and have pushed the countries to search of new foreign policy instruments.

“Civil Diplomacy” is one of the top instruments. It has really great share in the highly dynamic construction process that several values such as democracy and human rights have begun to form common values system, which has been shared by the societies.

Turkey will be able to handle easier with the recent challenges if it decides to mobilize all of its institutional civil diplomacy instruments in sub-regional and identical issues at a global scale. At this point, we should overcome the political obstacles before all. This solution, which is directly related with the political wills of the related countries, is possible with overcoming the prejudices based on the national benefits, the adherences related with the identity and the historical baggage among the countries. The countries have been trying to strengthen the channels of civil diplomacy also known generally as “second track diplomacy” because of recovering the decrease of impact and efficiency of traditional official diplomacy based on being unable to go across the certain treatment forms and legal limitations.

One of the most important factors of civil diplomacy is the increase of interaction among the business premises and another one is the increase of cultural interaction among the societies. And another important part is the activities hold by academic premises and think tanks. Besides of these three basic factors, sectorial diplomacy channels that have been using the strong instruments in the recent years have been occurred. By the civil diplomacy, the sides can make the exchange of views in a wider frame without feeling themselves under the pressure of hard rules of the official diplomacy; can develop a perspective and cooperation; can suggest decision options that are necessary for the policy. 


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